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Milan 1880 is well known by many Deaf people around the world as the most alarming and key chapter in Deaf history – the infamous Milan 1880 Congress – that had created a turbulent and divided legacy in the education, the history and the lives of Deaf people to this day.

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24 Oct 12: New follow-up novel Innocents of Oppression released. Click here for more info.

18 May 11: Got Kindle or iPad with Kindle app? Buy digital copy of MILAN novel from Amazon!

21 July 10: ICED finally formally regrets & rejects Milan 1880. Read the statement.

10 July 10: There will be a follow-up novel to the critically-acclaimed MILAN novel written by Nick Sturley called Innocents of Oppression to be published on Autumn 2011. Click here for more details.

01 May 10: Watch the MILAN short film made in 1991 in which the novel is based on. Check it out!

Dedicated to those who suffered under the dark shadow of Milan, and were the victims of a lie which, when repeated often enough, became a ‘truth.


"What matters deafness of the ear when the mind hears? The true deafness, the incurable deafness, is deafness of the mind." – Victor Hugo, 1845

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